2014-10-15 17:28:03 Writen By: Tom Puls

Google's Neighborhood Night in Meatpacking

Crow Philosophy's Transformation Event with Google NYC Meatpacking Crew

Late in the afternoon and early evening of October 7-8, this past week, we had about 75 Google peeps in the store for an event we titled, Transformation. Volunteers from each group changed themselves up by dressing up and transformed themselves for a moment.  We took photos of the transformation and posted on instagram.com/crowphilosophy and the likes came in for who was the most transformed. Ha! The voting/liking closed today, Tuesday, 10/14/14 at noon, the winner of the in-store credit to be announced tomorrow. 


The second part of the event was the use of Google Translator to translate the word "Transformation" in 35 different languages. These were then inscribed on a Pelican travel case in silver marker, thus transforming an ordinary piece of travel luggage into a "group transformational art event"! (Case show in photo above) The case is for sale in the store and with proceeds going to a local non-profit or charity. All good fun and we liked our moment of transfromation. More events to come!!

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